Bonus logoBonus, meaning "good" furniture for a good price.

We are presenting a brand of furniture which is really price advantageous. We are focusing on standard processing while maintaing the lowest possible price. The white colour predominates these furniture programmes; often in combination with interesting wood decors.

It is preferentially produced from standard chipboard laminated panels of 16mm thickness in different decors. Small plastic handles with imitation of aluminium in matte design are widely used. These handles are a symbol of modern furniture of the recent years.


We present you the individual furniture programmes:


Nábytková sestava SONR


Nábytková sestava FUNDAMENTO


*On this website you can find only a couple of items from each furniture programme which should provide a reference of what we offer. Individual furniture programmes consist of wide selection of items. Some of them are preferentially designed for offices, bathrooms, vestibules, living rooms; and some programmes offer furniture of all these types of use. For further information about sets you can contact our sales personnel.






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