Optimus logoOptimus,  "the best" we have.

Company MB DOMUS hereby presents the best from its production. This brand is presented with use of high trendy materials, braver constructions and large number of interesting details.

By these furniture programmes you can find pieces in high gloss, unconventional wood decors, brave combinations of materials. By these pieces of furniture we prefer to use predominantly metal components, handles and pieces from solid wood. We combine thicknesses of materials 16, 18, 22 mm. Also by this furniture we prefer to use the chipboard laminated panels.


We present you the individual furniture programmes:






*On this website you can find only a couple of items from each furniture programme which should provide a reference of what we offer. Individual furniture programmes consist of wide selection of items. Some of them are preferentially designed for offices, bathrooms, vestibules, living rooms; and some programmes offer furniture of all these types of use. For further information about sets you can contact our sales personnel.






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