We bring mainly the Czech trendy furniture.

Our main target group are people who like to equip their homes creatively for a reasonable price. At the same time we are here for everybody who wants to follow trends in furniture which is simply „SMART“. Furniture of this type is delivered in boxes in dismantled state, which you can easily put together according to the attached instructional plan. Therefore we save your purses. We bring you information and offer news.

We have wide range of produced types of furniture, from which you can choose the right one for you.

We produce and sell these types of furniture:

  • office - shelving units, wardrobes, PC and office desks, containers, multifunctional tables
  • for living rooms- chests of drawers, wall units, shelves, conference and TV tables etc.
  • bathroom–bathroom cabinets of different types
  • vestibule– vestibule panels, mirrors, tipping and shelf shoe cabinets, wardrobes

We sell our products individually or in large series. Large part of our furniture portfolio you can find exhibited in our company's store in Hranice na Moravě.





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Fax:   +420 581 698 899
Email: firma@mbdomus.cz