As part of our company’s strategy we prepare new sorting of our products. New products will be presented in separate furniture sections. We are trying to comply with your wishes so that you can choose furniture according to your chosen quality, taste and price level. All new products will be presented in new sections BONUS (good), MELIUS (better), OPTIMUS (the best). Information about each section you can find below.

Sections BONUS, MELIUS, OPTIMUS include individual furniture programmes such as VENETO, UDINE, LEA etc. Furniture programmes have similar visual aspects and constructional details among the individual pieces. They include individual pieces such as tables, shoe cabinets, cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves etc.

You can recognize the individual pieces of a programme according to their names, the names are abbreviations consisting of the two initial letters. For example the piece VE chest of drawers 04 has the capital letters VE at the beginning which show it belongs to the programme VENETO; the designation „chest of drawers“ designate the particular type of furniture; the designation „04“ designate the type of chest of drawers which the company produces.


The most money saving furniture, standard processing, plastic handles and a lot of white colour is used, production from chipboard laminated boards of 16mm thickness.

Nábytek BONUS


Optimal price, higher quality materials, interesting combinations of decors and colours, plastic and metal handles are used, production from chipboard laminated boards of 16mm and 22mm thickness.

Nábytek Melius


Furniture of the highest quality the company MB DOMUS SE produces, trendy materials also with high gloss are used, braver constructions, metal handles and wooden items are used, production from chipboard laminated boards of 16, 18, 22mm thickness.

Nábytek Optimus



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